HAPPY NEW YEAR 2022!!!!!

Hey family, how are you doing? This year has started off kinda rough. I lost my close brother-friend, legendary guitarist Nick Colionne, and I'm crushed. He was such a wonderfully rare human being. So talented and loving and funny. I feel like I'm dreaming. I can't believe it. 

I am sitting here, updating my website, and I feel drained. I know Nick is in a better place, but I cant stop thinking about our last conversation, and how he had me laughing so hard, I literally saw stars!! 

Well,I am going to cook dinner early on this first snowy day of the year in Baltimore,trying to keep my mind occupied..

I am looking forward to my double single release in February, Make Sure You're Sure & Just Stay, produced by my longtime producer and brother friend Chris " Big Dog" Davis ..

Talk to ya'll soon and see on the next MAYSA's KITCHEN KARAOKE SUNDAYS...or out on the road if this asshole virus slows down. I will be so happy when this goes away or gets to a point where it cant hurt us anymore..as mild as the common cold at the very least..